SEAS Green Team

Quench Drinking Fountains

The purpose of the Quench drinking fountains is to provide an alternate way for staff and faculty to have clean accessible water, without the consumption of non-renewable resources. Unlike other water coolers, Quench does not waste plastic bottles. With these stations in accessible office areas around SEAS, we can hopefully begin to see a decrease in individual plastic water bottles. This is highly beneficial since the staff, faculty, and students of SEAS presently only recycle a measly 22% of consumed plastic water bottles. It has been found that unconsumed liquid in sealed drinking containers makes up for 7.4% of SEAS’ total waste by weight. Our goal is to reduce that number by the end of the first year while having these stations.

Smart Strips

To reduce the amount of energy consumed by SEAS, the Green Team has issued smart strips to offices. This type of power strip works differently from regular strips by synchronizing the turning off of devices.
If there are any questions concerning how to us the Smart Strips, please email the Green Team.