Distinguished Lectures

The Harold Pender Award

The Harold Pender Award, initiated in 1972, is given by the Faculty of the Moore School to an outstanding member of the engineering profession who has achieved distinction by significant contributions to society. The Pender Award is the School's highest honor and is celebrated with a guest lecture by the honoree and a reception. (learn more)

The Harold Berger Distinguished Award

The Berger Award, named in honor of the Honorable Harold Berger, is awarded biennially by the School of Engineering and Applied Science to a technological innovator who has made a lasting contribution to the quality of our lives. Special emphasis is given to the societal and economic significance of an advance. (learn more)

The George H. Heilmeier Faculty Award for Excellence in Research

The George H. Heilmeier Faculty Award for Excellence in Research was established by Penn Engineering for the purpose of recognizing excellence in scholarly activities of the faculty. Named in honor of George H. Heilmeier, it recognizes his extraordinary research career, his leadership in technical innovation and public service, and his loyal and steadfast support of Penn Engineering. (learn more)

Grace Hopper Lecture Series

In support of Penn Engineering's educational mission of promoting the role of all engineers in society, this series is intended to serve the dual purpose of recognizing successful women in engineering and of inspiring students to achieve at the highest level. Grace Hopper is a wonderful example of a visionary in her field who exhibited the type of pioneering spirit that is an inspiration to all of us. This series provides another avenue for recognition of distinguished leaders in engineering and presents role models that help remind all of us why we chose this profession. (learn more)

The Technology, Business and Government Distinguished Lecture Series

Recognizing an increasingly significant inter-relationship between the rapid growth of new technologies and the business and governmental sectors, this lecture series brings distinguished individuals to Penn Engineering to interact with students and faculty on broad issues affecting technology and science, research and policy. (learn more)

The Rachleff Lectures

The Rachleff Lectures, named for Penn Trustee and Engineering Overseer Andrew Rachleff, were established to inspire engineering students to pursue innovation and invention. The series brings highly successful engineers to campus to discuss the joy of designing compelling products. (learn more)