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GEMS Contact:

Ms. Michele Grab
Advancing Women in Engineering
Phone: 215-573-6487


Penn GEMS:
Girls in Engineering, Math and Science Camp

Apply Online

The application for GEMS 2014 is now closed. We are no longer accepting applications for this summer.

Supporting materials can be sent later but the online form must be completed by this time. Applications received after the deadline will be reviewed based on qualifications, and on a space-available basis. Contact Michele Grab at or 215-573-6487 with questions or concerns.

Can't register on-line? Download a paper application here.

PLEASE NOTE: New for 2014, participants from previous GEMS camps are NOT eligible to return to the program.

PART I: Personal Information

Last Name
First Name
Street Address
Zip Code
Home Phone Number
Date of Birth (e.g. 11/21/1995)
Current Grade (13-14 school year) 6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
Racial/Ethnic Group (optional)

White, non-Hispanic
Black, non-Hispanic
Native American
Asian or Pacific Islander

Parent or Guardian Name
Parent or Guardian Email
Work Phone

Part II: School Information

Name of Current School
What type of school do you attend?

Home Schooled

1) What grade level mathematics are you studying this year?


2) What grade level science are you studying this year?


3) Please tell us your last reported grades and classes. In addition, please include a copy of your most recent report card with your application materials.




4) How do you use computers (surf the web, play games, write programs, word processing, etc.)?

5) Have you done any programming or webpage development? Have you taken a computer class?

6) Have you participated in math or science programs outside of school (including GEMS)?

Yes No

If Yes, which program?

7) Why would you like to participate in PennGEMS? (Please have the student answer this question herself!)

8)All Robotics track – Spend all week in the robotics lab learning about and playing with robots.  Space in the robotics only track is limited. No prior robotics experience preferred. Do you want to be considered for the Robotics only track?

Yes No

9) Please tell us about yourself by answering the following questions.

I have participated in a competition in school. Describe the competition.

I have participated in an academic competition outside of school. Name of competition:

Academic Awards or Honors in school:

Academic Awards or Honors outside of school:

Participated in other academic summer camps. Name of program:

10) Are you applying for financial aid?

Yes No

11) Please add any other pertinent information.

Part III - Additional Information

T-Shirt Size:

Youth Medium (10-12)
Youth Large (14-16)
Adult S
Adult M
Adult L
Adult XL

Name of teacher writing a recommendation:
How did you hear about the GEMS program?

Teacher / Guidance Counselor
Family or Friend
Internet Search
Parent works at Penn
Received a letter and brochure in the mail.


To Complete Your Application Please Enclose the Following:

  • Permission form signed by both student and parent.
  • One Sealed Envelope with Teacher Recommendation Information from Current Math or Science Teacher. After the teacher has completed the recommendation form, the teacher should place it in an envelope, sign the seal of the envelope, and return the sealed envelope to the student for submission with the completed application.  Download Teacher Recommendation form here GEMS Summer Camp Teacher Recommendation Form. Note: Recommendations can also be e-mailed directly to If e-mailed, they must come directly from the teacher and not from the student or parent.
  • Application Fee:  Non-refundable $25.  Only U.S. bank checks or money orders will be accepted. Do not send cash. Make checks payable to "Trustees of University of Pennsylvania" and Memo: GEMS App Fee for <student name>.
  • Financial Aid: A limited amount of need-based financial assistance is available. Please fill out this form and send it in with the rest of your application materials.

Send All Application Materials in One Envelope to: Michele Grab, University of Pennsylvania, 111 Towne, 220 S. 33rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19104.