Advancing Women in Engineering

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Research Spotlight

Dawn Bonnell

Dawn Bonnell
Henry Robinson Towne Professor
Materials Science and Engineering

Dawn explores the fundamental basis of property variations at atomic scales in complex materials, exploiting these variations to make functional systems. The Bonnell Group images and manipulates atoms and molecules using scanning probes, and develops new tools for examining behavior at these scales. Dawn and her group induce local property variations to be used as templates in patterning complex nanostructures, such as nanoelectronic and opto electronic devices, and they analyze compound nanostructures, consisting of ferroelectric compounds, synthetic proteins, and nano dots.

More about the Bonnell Group.


For Undergraduates

How can I get involved in AWE?

Attend an AWE program, volunteer to help out with a program, or propose a new idea! AWE is a new initiative and we encourage your active participation in the development of our program. Events are generally open to both men and women, all female students in Engineering are automatically subscribed to our list-serve. If you would like to be added to the list-serve, send your e-mail here.


Current Programs

Day on Campus/Quaker Days: Help introduce Penn Engineering to prospective women engineering students. You act as host for a visiting high school student. The visit is arranged around your schedule and your guest's interests. Take her to your classes (if time allows) and show her around campus. This takes place on an on-going basis throughout the year but is especially important in April during Quaker Days when admitted students visit campus.

Visiting High Schools: Help us recruit more women engineers by going back to your high school for a visit. During academic breaks AWE can set up a day for you to visit your high school and share your experiences at Penn and in Engineering.

Pre-orientation Program: Offered for the first time in Summer 2008, incoming women are invited to campus for a pre-orientation program.  We will need student volunteers to help introduce these women to Penn Engineering! Learn more about the program here!

Student Award: Given for the first time in Spring 2008, AWE offers the Jaros Baum and Bolles Award for a junior or senior from Penn Engineering who has demonstrated a commitment to advancing women in engineering.