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Students working in the CETS Computer Lab

CETS Account Requests

SEAS Accounts are available to all Penn Engineering faculty, staff, and students. Accounts are created online at the Accounts Management Website (requires a PennKey).

Non-Engineering students registered for current Engineering courses can also get their accounts via the Accounts Management Website.

Please visit our Answers for helpful information on using your account.

Alumni Account Requests

All account requests for Penn Alumni are handled by the University of Pennsylvania Online Community for Penn Alumni.

Obtaining & Changing CETS/SEAS Passwords

  • Obtaining a new password:
    When creating your CETS account online, you will be prompted to choose a new password.
  • Changing your password
    • If you know your password and you want to change it, go to the Configure Accounts page. Login with your SEAS account or PennKey, and then click "Change Password" on the left naviagation bar.
    • If you have forgotten your password, please visit the Configure Accounts page. Login with your PennKey, and then click "Change Password" on the left navigation bar.
    • If you have forgotten your PennKey password, please contact ISC.
  • NOTE:
    For helpful password suggestions, please see our password suggestions page.

Obtaining & Changing Non CETS/SEAS Passwords (including PennKey)

For information on all other accounts (such as those for the College of Arts & Sciences, Nursing, or Wharton), please see our Non SEAS Support Page for specific contact information.

Resetting a Forgotten PennKey Password. If you forgot your PennKey password, please see the University of Pennsylvania PennKey Services page.

Changing a Known PennKey Password. To change a known password, you can do it directly at:

For ISC's helpful PennKey password suggestions, check out their password suggestions page.