SEAS Account Termination

SEAS accounts are removed and deleted when the owner is no longer actively affiliated with Penn Engineering. All of the account's files, including email messages, are erased when the account is removed. Alumni can set up mail forwarding after their affiliation with Penn Engineering ends. For more information, see how to forward email to another address.

Periodically, we check our records to see which SEAS accounts should be removed. We check for accounts whose owners are not currently active SEAS students, staff, faculty members, or if you are currently registered in a SEAS course. When we find an account that should be removed, we send warning messages via email to the account, and then we remove the account and erase all of its files, including email messages.

What to do if you are still a SEAS student, staff, or faculty member.

If you are registered for an Engineering class this semester, or if you are a current SEAS student, staff or faculty member, you may renew your account at the SEAS Account Creation Site.

How do I transfer the emails and files in my SEAS account?

If there is anything in your home directory that you or other people may need after your account is deleted, please be sure to transfer it as soon as possible.

Alumni Email Address

You can obtain an Alumni email address from Penn Alumni website. Click on "QuakerNet" from the top menu. You can then use your Alumni email address as a forwarding address for your SEAS account (see instruction below). This way, people can continue to use your SEAS email address ( to send emails to you.

How do I forward my email to another address?

SEAS offers one year of email forwarding to any external (non address, or indefinite forwarding to any address, including Alumni email address. Please follow the instructions for the type of SEAS email account you have:

Google@SEAS Accounts

Follow Google's instructions to Automatically forward Gmail messages to another account.

Legacy SEAS Mail Accounts

If your email is still being stored on SEAS servers (not Google@SEAS or Penn O365):

  1. Login to the SEAS Account Management Site.
  2. Choose "Mail Forwarding" from the menu and enter the email address you would like your SEAS email address to forward to. If you don't see a "Mail Forwarding" option, you are using Google@SEAS.

Note: Once your SEAS account has been deleted, mail will only be forwarded. All other special features, such as Spamblock and other filtering, will no longer apply, and will need to be set up by the user at the server mail is being forwarded to, or at a home client.

Penn O365

SEAS users with Penn O365 email accounts must send an email to to request a forward to be put into place. Be sure to include your new address in your request.

When will I lose my SEAS account?

If you are a SEAS student, your account will be removed the October after graduation. Please transfer any shared files to other accounts, and transfer any personal files you might want to keep.

If you are a non-SEAS student registered for a SEAS course, your SEAS account will be removed at the beginning of the fall or spring semester, if you are not registered for a course that semester. Your Penn Engineering email address will expire at the same time as your SEAS account.

If you are a SEAS employee, your account will be deleted upon your departure unless otherwise indicated by your supervisor or department manager. Please make arrangements to have any work related files transferred per your supervisor's instructions and delete or transfer any personal files you might want to keep. You may also want to set up mail forwarding.

Your PennKey will not be removed, and you will still be able to access Penn services such as PennInTouch. But you will no longer be able to use your PennKey to access SEAS account services such as Webmail, printing, or your SEAS directory.

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