How can I connect to AirPennNet?


Wireless access at Penn is provided by:

See this article for more information:

Using Wireless at Penn

Connect to AirPennNet

See see this article for information on connecting your PC, Mac, or mobile device (such as iPhone or Android phone):

Getting Connected

The article also covers manual configuration for devices that cannot be configured automatically using AirPennNet-Help. See the AirPennNet Linux page for more information if you are still unable to configure your Linux device.

Connect to AirPennNet Guest

If you or your visitors need to connect to AirPennNet Guest, see this Answers article:

How to Provide Wireless Access to Guests

Connect to eduroam

The eduroam wireless network can be found in all locations where AirPennNet service is available and provides access to wireless network services at other eduroam participating institutions without having to set up a guest account. CETS highly recommends configuring your device for eduroam before you travel to participating institutions.

Configure your device by visiting the wizard:

Connect to eduroam

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