How to change your SEAS password

Disabling your SEAS password

The safest way to proceed is to disable your SEAS-only password. Your PennKey password will still work with SEAS services, with the exception of mounting your home directory via SMB. If you need to use SMB, see Changing your SEAS password below.

  1. Visit the SEAS Account Management website at
  2. Click on Configure Your SEAS Account.
  3. You will be asked to log in with your PennKey. The website should have a valid security certificate, shown here:.
  4. Click on Change/Disable Password from the left-hand menu.
  5. It is safer to disable your SEAS password. Click Disable SEAS Password to do so.

That's it! Your SEAS password is now disabled. You can use your PennKey to log into SEAS services. If you need to use SMB, see Changing your SEAS Password below.

Changing your SEAS password

If you mount your home directory via SMB, you will need to change your SEAS password, rather than disable it. This is because your PennKey password will not work with SMB.

  1. Follow steps 1 through 4 above. On the reset password screen, enter a new password twice, then click Change Password.
  2. If you are successful, you will get a Password Changed message. Please wait 15-20 minutes before you try your new password.
  3. If you get the error message Error Changing Password!, then it may be that you re-used an older password that is no longer secure. Click Try Again and choose a different, unique password.

Your SEAS password is now changed. You should use the new credentials when mounting your home directory via SMB in the future. As always, if you have additional questions, send email to CETS.

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