How to transfer (Download, Upload) files - General Overview


Files can be transferred between machines over a network (such as the Internet) or via modem, although a modem is usually slower. CETS unix machines, and PCs and Macintoshes in CETS labs, are all connected to the Internet.

Transfer Options

For the Mac: Fetch Softwork's Fetch is the supported and recommended FTP client for Macintosh file transfers. Fetch has a graphical interface for FTP that lets you log onto any host running an FTP server to download software. Fetch can be used for authenticated or anonymous FTP, and comes configured with a list of FTP sites of interest to Mac users.

For the PC: WS_FTP is the recommended FTP client for Windows. WS_FTP allows you to transfer files from your local machine to any machine running an FTP server. It can be configured to remember a list of sites to which you frequently connect. To use WS_FTP you need a Windows PC. You can also use FileZilla.

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