How to check your Google@SEAS with Thunderbird

This articles assumes you already have the latest version of Thunderbird installed. Please contact if you need help installing Thunderbird.

  1. If you have 2-step verification on your Google@SEAS account enabled, please disable that first.
  2. Turn on/enable "less secure apps":
    1. Logon to your Google@SEAS account using a web browser
    2. Once logged on, go to
    3. In the "Sign-in & security" column, click on "Connected apps & sites"
    4. Turn on "Allow less secure apps"
  3. Enable IMAP on your Google@SEAS account.
  4. Open Thunderbird.
  5. Click the Tools menu, and select Account Settings...
  6. Select Add Mail Account... from the drop-down list located under the account list on the left.
  7. In the "Mail Account Setup" window that opens, enter your name, SEAS email address, and Google@SEAS password. Click Continue.

    Thunderbird Add Account

  8. Thunderbird will try to auto detect the correct settings, but will fail. Use the settings below (replaces the username with your SEAS email address) and then click Create Account.


  9. Your Google@SEAS account will now be available in Thunderbird.

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