World IPv6 Launch Day - June 6, 2012

As you may have already heard, the internet is running out of addresses. Penn itself has plenty to last a long time, because we were early users of the Internet, but people in developing nations are already running out.

To fix this problem, there's a new version of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, called version 6 (IPv6). This has enough addresses to provide 3 addresses for every square inch of the globe.

On 6 June, 2012, Penn Engineering, Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Bing and many other organizations will permanently enable IPv6.

Most devices will not experience any change in Internet service during the test. If your device does not use IPv6 at all, then you won't experience any problems. If your device and network have IPv6 working, then you won't experience any problems. However, if your device uses IPv6 but there is a problem with IPv6 on your device or network, then you might have trouble reaching the sites that are participating in the World IPv6 Day.

To determine if your device may have problems on World IPv6 Day, go to this site with the device. If you see any red X's, then you should contact the tech support for your machine or network. If your device is in SEAS, then please contact .

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