How do I create a signature for mail and news in Mutt?

If you create a file in your home directory named ".signature", it will be appended automatically to every article that you post. It will not be appended automatically to mail.

To edit mutt to allow your .signature to show with messages

  1. Open your .muttrc file in your preferred editor
  2. Add a new line which reads
    set signature="~/.signature"

    *The exact text written in your .signature file will appear as the first lines when you start a new message, so if you want a "--" in the line preceding your signature, you'll have to include it in your .signature file.

You can use a different signature for email messages which are sent to machines other than eniac, a "remote signature".

You may find it useful to place your signatures in files that aren't named .signature, so you don't have to worry about accidentally putting two signatures on a post, or putting the wrong signature on a post. For example, you could have three different signatures to use in different situations: ".sig", ".zig", and ".dis". Use ^R (pico) or ^Xi (emacs) to insert these files.

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