Webmail Transition

The old SEAS webmail interface was replaced with a new webmail package, Roundcube, on the morning of June, 19th 2013. You can access the new interface at:


Frequenty Asked Questions:

What will happen to my current webmail contacts?

Your current webmail contacts will be imported into Roundcube automatically the first time you login to Roundcube.

What will happen to my webmail calendar?

The calendar provided by the old webmail interface is going away and will not be replaced.

Will this effect my current mail folders or messages in any way?

No, this change will not effect your mail folders or messages, and your mail will still be available through other interfaces like iPhone, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc.

I don't see all my folders/subfolders!

  1. Click on "Settings" on the upper right-hand corner
  2. Then click on "Folders" on the left-hand column
  3. It should then list all of your folders. If it's checked, that means it's visible (and vice-versa). You can go down the list and click on the checkbox to make them visible.

Does it work with Google@SEAS?

Roundcube webmail is only a replacement for the old webmail interface. People using Google@SEAS should read the Google@SEAS answers article for information on how to read email.

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