Real mail is getting sent to my spam folder - what should I do?

SpamAssassin (our spam filter) examines the headers and content of the message, and looks for various features. Each feature is associated with a score (which may be negative). The scores of all the features found are totalled, and a higher total score indicates that the message is more likely to be spam.

Generally, a message with a total score over 5 is filtered, but each individual can adjust this cut off higher (to let in more messages and block fewer legit messages) or lower (to block more spam and risk blocking more legit messages. You can change your "spam score threshold" on the Accounts Management Website.

While this can get rid of much unwanted email, the Spam Blocker is not always 100% accurate. Occasionally, valid email messages may be perceived as spam and delivered to your 'spamfolder'. It is important for you to review your 'spamfolder' contents --to make sure none of your personal email got marked as spam. It is very important that you look at your spam once a week, especially right after you enable spam blocker.

What to do about real mail getting sent to my spam folder?

You should look at the headers of those messages, and find out what score the spam filter gave them. By default, your filter diverts everything with a spam score of 5 or more. If these messages had spam scores over 5, you might want to raise your spam filter setting. But, the higher you set it, the more spam will get through.

Here is an example of the an email header. The score in the below example was 8.65.

X-Spam-Status: 8.65
X-Spam-Level: ********
X-Scanned-By: MIMEDefang 2.44

You can also add these addresses to your "allow" list, to assure that mail from these people will never be treated as spam.


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