SpamCop Users: How to Configure your Account Properly

If you are using SpamCop to report spam, you must make sure you have your account configured properly. An improperly configured account can result in SpamCop accusing your own service provider (i.e. SEAS) as being the source of the spam you are reporting. If this happens SpamCop will suspend your reporting privileges until you get the Mailhost configuration completed. The SpamCop system needs to know what servers to trust when you report your spam.

You can configure your Mailhosts by logging into your SpamCop account at and using the Mailhosts link to tell SpamCop about *all* of your service providers, forwarding services, and webmail hosts. You just need to register one email address for each host that handles your email. When you provide SpamCop with your University email address and a suggested name for the host, SpamCop does the rest. SpamCop will send a test message via the Mail Exchangers that our lookup revealed. The user then feeds our test messages back to the system (including full headers) and SpamCop will identify the University servers that handled the mail, and add them to the user's host configuration.


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