How do I set up a Wiki?

A wiki allows the collaborative creation and maintenance of websites using a simplified markup language or WYSIWYG editor. It's a good choice for collecting searchable documentation that is edited and maintained by multiple collaborators, without requiring advanced technical or design skills.

CETS supports the following wikis:

Google Sites

All SEAS users have Google@SEAS accounts and can immediately start creating wikis and/or websites with Google Sites. Simply log into your Google@SEAS account and start using the Sites app, or visit Sites can be public or private, and editing privileges can be easily shared with other Google@SEAS users (see Google's Manage Site help topic for more information on setting permissions).


MediaWiki is the software that powers Wikipedia. If you are familiar with the Wikipedia markup language, it may be a good choice. Here are specific installation instructions for the SEAS web servers. For more information, visit the official MediaWiki site.

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