Moore 100 Computing Suite

Moore Building
Room 100
220 South 33rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

The Moore 100 Computing Suite features three beautifully furnished state-of-the-art student computer labs with Linux and Windows for teaching and general use. There is also a student lounge area with a relaxing atmosphere and comfortable seating including computer equipped restaurant style booths for group projects and gatherings. The Moore 100 Computing Suite also houses the world’s first computer, ENIAC, built right here at Penn Engineering. Its new glass encased display is visitor friendly and offers both a front and back view of the ENIAC.

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The Moore 100 Computing Suite is open 24 hours a day. To view schedules for other CETS labs, see Lab Schedules for CETS.


Classrooms B & C (Windows) are available to all users via Pennkey login. SEAS users will have access to their account, the PC, and printing. Non-SEAS users will only have access to the PC. Classroom A (Linux) is available to SEAS account holders only. Labs are unavailable during reservations. Instructors may reserve labs by sending requests to cets@seas.

Number of seating includes the instructor's desk:

100A (Linux) = 23 seats
100B (Windows) = 29 seats
100C (Windows) = 22 seats



Classrooms B & C contain Windows PCs. Classroom A contains only Linux machines.


Printers and Scanner

  • Free limited black and white printing is available to all SEAS students. Printing has restrictions so please see our Print Policy. Free BW printing is distributed at CETS Office, 164 Levine.  The CETS Office also has the color Pay-to-Print release station (.50 per page).
  • A black and white Pay-to-Print release station is available in this lab (.07 per page).
  • A scanner is available in Towne M62 at the print release station.


Need Help?

Consultants are available in Levine 164 during office hours. For help with AV, please see our AV Support page.

You may also call us at 215-898-4707 or email