SEAS Networking Information and Service Requests

CETS installs and maintains network connections in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. The buildings we service include Moore, Towne, Levine Hall, LRSM and Hayden Hall.

Services CETS Provides:

Checking room network status and computer readiness

CETS will check the current status of networking in the room. If there is presently no computer attached to the SEAS network box, we will tell you if the box requires activation. CETS will check your computers for network readiness, and recommend hardware and software as needed.

Network activation and connecting computers

There is a one-time charge to activate the ethernet connection in a SEAS network box. The activation charge includes the connection of one computer to the network. If the box is already active, there is a lesser per-computer connection charge.

Connecting your computer to the SEAS network may require ethernet hardware or additional cables. CETS will determine what hardware is needed to connect your computer to the network.

Network software installation

CETS will install certain TCP/IP software such as telnet and Netscape. We also provide internet addresses for each computer.

Networking advice

CETS will help you determine efficient ways for your computers to communicate.

Network troubleshooting

CETS will troubleshoot network connection problems in SEAS offices.

Requesting Service:

To request service, please send mail to and include the following information:

  • Name
  • Date
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Department
  • Location:
    • Moore
    • Levine Hall
    • Towne
    • Hayden
    • LRSM
  • Room Number
  • Service Requested:
    • Network activation or computer connection
    • Install network software on a computer already connected to the network
    • Networking advice.
    • Troubleshoot an existing network connection


Activation Charges

Total charges are determined after an inspection of the location's network status and computers has been completed. All charges will be quoted and must be approved by the Business Office before any work is started.