Non-SEAS Support

Walk-in Help
Computer Resource Center (CRC)
573-4778 (57-F-I-R-S-T)
3650 Chestnut Street
Sansom West (Grad Tower B)
M-F 9:00 and to 4:30 pm

Residential Help (College Houses Only)
College House Computing

Online and Phone Help
Penn Computing Help
57F-IRST (including PennNet)
573-WIRE (ResNet only)

Penn Computing Homepage and Information Indexes:
Penn Computing Homepage
Penn Computer Labs Index
Penn Passport (networking & remote access manual)

Penn Computer Sales and Service Vendors
Computer Connection
Servicing and Repairs

Support Services for Specific Schools Outside SEAS

Computer Connection ccx@pobox 898-3282
Client Services Group help@isc 57F-IRST
ISC First Call help@isc 57F-IRST
Graduate School of Education help@gse 898-1847
Graduate School of Fine Arts phagerty@pobox 898-9344
School of Arts and Sciences help@sas 573-HELP
School of Dental Medicine help@isc 57F-IRST
School of Law NONE 898-2613
School of Medicine 573-INFO
School of Nursing student-help@vet 898-1616
School of Social Work sswhelp@caster.ssw NONE
School of Veterinary Medicine NONE 898-4548
Wharton School of Business consultant@wharton 898-8600