CETS Print Policy and Instructions

Free Black & White Printing Policy

CETS provides free black and white laser printing of any documents created (authored) by a user for his/her own SEAS course work (such as papers, programs and graphs). Restrictions include:

  • No multiple copies or form letters.
  • A five page limit per half hour on all other combined printing such as web material, course notes, practice exams, correspondence, etc.
  • Printing on special paper, transparencies, envelopes, etc. is not permitted.

Given the restrictions, output may be deleted from the queue or not distributed (recycled) due to:

  • Multiple copies
  • Exceeding the five page limit
  • Causing printer malfunction
  • Having been queued from a non-CETS site
  • Allowing someone else to print from the account

For course-related documents such as class notes and practice tests that exceed the five page limit you should:

Any output not picked up after three days is recycled. The Copy Center in Levine 166B is available for making copies and handling special paper requests.

COLOR Printing Policy

The Color LaserJet 4500N is located in the CETS Office, Levine Hall 164, and costs $0.50 per sheet.
  • Available only between the hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Users must show their PennID
  • Documents must be print ready and on diskette. (We recommend printing a black and white version beforehand.)
  • There is a five page limit per user, per day.
  • Multiple copies are not permitted.
  • Services are not transferrable.

Pay-to-Print Policy

Cost: 7 cents per page

Now you can use your PennCard to pay for printing! To add funds to your PennCard, go to the “Value Transfer Station” in the Engineering School Library (217 Towne Building). For other locations and more transfer options: www.upenn.edu/penncard/cash/penncash.html

To use the Pay-to-Print system:

  1. Log into a CETS Windows Lab station and select: Pay-to-print
  2. When you print your document, you’ll be prompted for a name and password to secure your print job.
  3. Swipe your PennCard at the release station. Find your job on the list and select it. Enter your password.
  4. Remain at the print station until your job is complete.
  5. Please properly discard any unwanted printed materials.

If you have any problems printing or if the print station needs servicing, please see the consultant in Levine Hall 164 or send email to cets@seas.upenn.edu.