Reporting Problems

CETS provides computing support for the SEAS community. For Non-SEAS support, please visit our Non-SEAS support page. Please report problems with any of the following by e-mail to CETS, speak to a consultant by visiting the CETS Office, 162 Levine Hall or calling 215-898-4707. A more complete description of support services is also available.


  Supported by CETS Supported by other providers
Accounts seas (eniac), Pennkeys  
AV equipment We provide technical support for all classes held in Penn Engineering classrooms (including non-Engineering classes). Classroom equipment descriptions, all others -
Computers Computers in CETS labs, SEAS faculty and staff offices, and LRSM Students personal computers, all others
Network Installations SEAS, LRSM, and IME offices All others
Software CETS network software All other software

Problems with CETS labs, such as heating or air conditioning, should be reported to Engineering Operational Services during daytime hours by calling 898-5598 or emailing Problems occuring during evenings or weekends should be directed to Physical Plant by calling 898-8686. You can also report these problems to the consultant in the CETS Office, 162 Levine Hall.

CETS provides PennKey support for Penn Engineering. Information on PennKey accounts can be obtained at the PennKey Site.