CETS employs a full-time staff and several student consultants to provide computing facilities and technical support for the SEAS community.

Please send email to rather than to individual staff members. Mail sent to is promptly routed to the appropriate backup person or team in the event someone is unavailable. If you require immediate assistance, please see our consultant in Levine Hall 164, 3330 Walnut Street or call 215-898-4707.

Staff Directory
Lamont Abrams Lamont Abrams Network Specialist 898-9576
Ted Beres Ted Beres Network Specialist 898-9673
Chip Buchholtz Chip Buchholtz Director, Systems Programming 898-2491
Jorey Bump IT Project Manager 898-3368
Neal Gerrish Neal Gerrish Network Specialist 898-9039
Gilbert Carroll Gilbert Carroll Senior Systems Administrator 573-4719
Bill Krebs Bill Krebs Senior Systems Programmer 898-4708
  Chadd Nedd IT Support Specialist 898-7678
Chris Niemeyer Chris Niemeyer Systems Administrator 746-0249
  Andy Perch Director, Distributed Operations 898-9346
Tonya Revell Tonya Revell IT Client Services Project Manager 898-4708
Chris Rogers Chris Rogers Network Engineer 898-2476
Duke Schnolis Duke Schnolis Programmer Analyst 746-0248
Paul Shaffer Paul Shaffer IT Support Specialist 898-2492
Kris Varhus Kris Varhus IT Technical Director 898-6194
Dan Widyono Dan Widyono Senior Systems Programmer 898-0348
Bob Williams Bob Williams Senior Systems Programmer 573-2758