Support Services

Students working together on a project in one of the M70 boothsIn order to ensure prompt and convenient service to the School of Engineering and Applied Science community, the CETS Service Staff provides both walk-in and online computing support.

The campus buildings serviced by CETS include Moore Building, Towne Building, LRSM, Vagelos, Hayden Hall, Levine Hall, and Skirkanich Hall. If you are in a SEAS facility and need to report a climate control problem, please contact the Engineering Operations Services office as described on our Reporting Problems page.

If you are not affiliated with SEAS, or are a SEAS student with a ResNet or home computer problem, please see our NonSEAS Support Page.

Online Account and Email Management

Please go to the Account Management Website to access the following services:

  • Create your SEAS account online
  • Change your SEAS password
  • Manage Disk Quota
  • Manage Web Page
  • Manage Homepage listing
  • Manage Announcements / Mailing lists
  • Manage Email Forwarding
  • Move to New Mail Server
  • Vacation Message (also known as "Out of the Office" Message)
  • Spamblocker, Block and/or Allow List

Email System

Frequently Asked Questions & Guides

Directory of CETS Services & Information

If you cannot find the answers to your questions above or you need more specialized support, please contact us via our Report a Problem form.

Levine Hall, Room 164