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Through our collaborative engagement with communities all over the world, Penn is poised to advance the central values of democracy: life, liberty, opportunity, and mutual respect.

As we prepare to expand Penn's campus to the east, we strengthen our ties with our neighbors and help drive economic and technological development throughout the City and Commonwealth. At the same time, we will share the fruits of our integrated knowledge wherever there is an opportunity for our students, faculty, and alumni to serve and to learn.

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Mentoring Tomorrow's Engineers

A group of students from neighboring West Philadelphia High School’s Academy for Automotive and Mechanical Engineering (AAME) wanted to enter the national FIRST Robotics Competition. The challenge? Build a robot that could sink a ball into an 8-foot-high goal. The big problem: how to get the mobility, speed and power range required.

They knew where to get answers: The Penn Engineering-AAME partnership. Over a six-week period, our students spent hours with the WPHS team, providing design and technical assistance. The robot did get built. And more. The WPHS students learned first-hand that the key to technological success is ongoing education in engineering, math, and science.

Working Together

The collaboration of humanity, technology, and social responsibility

Penn Engineering is not only its own community; it actively participates in and seeks out new opportunities to engage with local, national and international communities.

As part of our community mission, we recognize the interconnectedness of all people and environments, and strive to implement innovative technologies and resources to improve our world. This philosophy allows our students, faculty and staff to be exposed to other cultures and societies and to have hands-on experiences and opportunities that would not happen without these connections.

Corporations, institutions and communities in Philadelphia and beyond benefit from the expertise and unparalleled depth of knowledge found here at Penn Engineering. Whether it be in a Philadelphia classroom, a hospital in China, or a jungle in Cameroon, our presence has been able to solve problems and make a difference in the lives of many across the globe. Read on to explore the ways in which we are actively working to make the world a better place.

Our Region and Across the Globe

Outreach: Penn Engineering engages with local students in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas to get students interested in science, technology, engineering and math. During the summer, Penn Engineering becomes home to students from all over the world who are interested in pursuing careers in engineering and related fields. Penn Engineering also participates several international public service projects and events every year. Read more about outreach activities. Read more about these activities …

Service Learning: Service-Learning is an excellent way that students can get involved in community service by applying the knowledge and skills they’ve gained at Penn Engineering. Service Learning is a unique form of outreach, in which the individual performing the service also applies knowledge gained in the classroom in a hands-on way. Learn about opportunities and get involved!

Summer Programs: Summer programs with Penn Engineering are available to students from the Middle School to the Graduate Student level. Programs span from a program for middle school girls called GEMS (Girls in Engineering Math and Science) to Engineering Summer School, which is open to high school and college students through the graduate student level. Find out if there is a program for you…

Global Citizenship: The notion of Global Citizenship is central to Penn Engineering’s philosophy and mission. We educate our students to become thoughtful, informed and active participants in the international community. Our students have traveled all over the world working to increase access to technology and reduce disparities at local, national, and international levels. Read more...

Crossing Boundaries

Increasing Access to Women and Minorities: Penn Engineering maintains programs to increase the enrollment and retention of women and underrepresented minorities in the school. The Office of Multicultural Programs implements programs to increase and retain underrepresented minority students, faculty and staff in the school. The Advancing Women in Engineering program is designed to nurture the careers of women in engineering from the moment they arrive on campus as undergraduates. Both of these programs offer mentorship, networking and social opportunities to members of the Penn Engineering community. Learn more...

Corporate Partnerships: Penn Engineering, since its founding in 1852, has been active in its partnerships with local industry and corporations. Our school now maintains relationships with companies all over the world. These companies work with us in many ways, whether it be through research and development, the recruitment of our graduates, faculty collaborations, guest lectureships, or through the sponsorship of student groups and programs. Read more about our Corporate Partnerships.