EAS 545: Engineering Entrepreneurship I

Tuesday/ Thursday: 9:00- 10:20 AM & 10:30-11:50 AM


 Class  In Class Discussion Topic(s)  Readings, Case Studies and Assignments
1 Introduction: Seizing the Opportunity  
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2 High-Tech Ventures: Overview I

Louis Agassiz as a Teacher

The Innovators DNA
The New Venture
Expect the Unexpected
Hewlett Packard: Creating, Running and Growing an Enduring Company

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3 High-Tech Ventures: Overview II

THe Winning Strategy

Vermeer Technologies (A, A-1, B, C)

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4 Intellectual Property and IP Strategy Intellectual Property & Strategy
Palm Computing, Inc. (A)
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High-Tech Product Development

Early Stage Sales & Marketing
Concept Testing

Product Development: A Customer-Driven Approach

The Sales Learning Curve
Sales & Marketing $0-1 Million

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Product-Market Fit

Customer Discovery & Validation

Hypothesis-Driven Entrepreneurship: The Lean Startup

Dropbox: "It Just Works"

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High-Tech Market Strategy: Crossing the Chasm

Conjoint Analysis

Innovating for Cash
Palm Computing: The Pilot Organizer

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Pricing Strategy

Market Strategy, Sigmentation & Positioning

Note on Marketing Strategy

Principles of Pricing

LinkedIn (A)

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9 Understanding Financial Statements

Business Model Canvas

The Power of Virtual Integration: Interview with Michael Dell

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Business Models

Decision Trees & Expected Value

Present Value Analysis

Product Development at Dell Computer
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Operations Strategy & Strategic Alliances

FDA Regulatory Process

Note on the U.S. Food & Drug Administration

Nucleon, Inc.

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12 Venure Finance: It's More Than Just the Money

Bootstrap Finance: The Art of Start-ups

Raising Startup Capital

13 The Venutre Capital Method Convertible Notes in Angel Financing
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Negotiation Skills

Deal Structure & Term Sheets

You Can Negotiate with Venture Capitalists

Evaluating Venture Capital Term Sheets

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15 IPO Process & Considerations

A Note on the Initial Public Offering Process

Facebook, Inc.: The Initial Public Offering

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16 Capital Requirements & Alternatives Palm Computing, Inc. 1995: Financing Challenges
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Open Innovation

Strategic Business Model Decisions

The Era of Open Innovation

Sirtris Pharmaceutical; Living Healthier, Longer

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18 Ownership & Compensation

Chapter 6, Reward Dilemmas: Equity Splits & Cash Comensation, from The Founder's Dilemmas (Wasserman)

How Much is Sweat Equity Worth?

NanoGene Technologies, Inc.

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19 Leadership and Vision
The Entrepreneurial Opportunity of Disruptive Technology

Exploiting an Age of Disruption

Level 5 Leadership

The Spoiled Startup: Too Much Money is a Bad Thing
MIPS Computer Systems

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20 Leadership and Crossing the Chasm

Note on the Hiring & Selection Process

Hiring is Hard Work

First Who... Then What

Vinod Khosla and Sun Microsystems (A)

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21 Leadership & Motivation

Why Inncentive Plans Cannot Work

Life/Work Article

Visionary Design Systems: Are Incentives Enough?

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22 Scaling a Startup

Growing Up by Staying Young

Scaling a Startup: People & Organizational Issues

N12 Technologies: Building an Organization & Building a Business

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23 Leadership and Execution Leading by Leveraging Culture
Momenta Corporation (A, B)
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24 Leadership in High-Tech Ventures
Wrap-up: Harvesting and Giving Back

Managers and Leaders: Are They Different?

Reflections on (Schumpeterian) Leadership

Bridging the Gap Between Stewards & Creators

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