EAS 548: Hi-Tech Venture Development

 Class  In Class Discussion Topic(s)  Readings, Case Studies and Assignments

• Course Introduction and Overview

• Idea Generation and Evaluation

• Bb : Riggs Eckelberry Marketing Group, Job Description: The Product Manager
• TPI : Introduction

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2 • Product Design and Development
• BP CASE: HBR, IDEO Product Development
• BP: Developing Products on Internet Time (HBR Reprint #97505)
• BP: Living on Internet Time: Product Development at Netscape, Yahoo!, NetDynamics, and Microsoft (HBR 9-697-052)
• BP: Entrepreneurial Mindset, MacMillan & McGrath, Ch 2, Framing the Challenge (HBS Press, 2000)
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3 • Product Concept Testing and
  Market Research
• BP: Evaluating EZ Pass
• Bb: RFID Readings
• BP: Entrepreneurial Mindset, MacMillan & McGrath, Ch 3, Building Blockbuster Products and Services (HBS Press, 2000)
• BP: MacMillan & McGrath, Redifferentiating Products and Services
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4 • Business Models and Product Strategy I • BP: Creating New Market Space, Kim & Mauborne, Jan-Feb 1999 (HBR #99105)
• TPI: Chapter One, The Three Rules of Epidemics
• TPI: Chapter Two, The Law of the Few: Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen
• BP: Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey Moore, Ch 4, Target the Point of Attack (Harper Collins, 1999)
• Bb: Teaching note on Products, Markets, Competencies
• Bb CASE: PVI, Part (A)
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5 Business Models and Product Strategy II
• BP: Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey Moore, Ch 5, Assemble the Invasion Force (Harper Collins, 1999)
• Bb: How to Read a Patent
• Bb: Ultratouch Information Memorandum Summary
• Bb: (4) Ultratouch Patent Summaries (6,192,143; 6,351,549; 6,400,837; 6,507,663)
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6 • Market Forecasting, Budgeting and   Economics
• BP CASE: Rogers Communications
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• Product Management Issues, Options,
  and Tools
• TPI: Chapter Three, The Stickiness Factor: Sesame Street, Blue’s Clues, and the Educational Virus • Bb CASE: PVI, Part (B)
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• Web: http://www.traffic.com
• Bb CASE: Mobility Technologies (Traffic.com)
• Bb: Readings provided by Mobility Technologies
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9 • Marketing and Distribution Channels

• Bb CASE: PVI, Parts (C&D)
• BP: Networked Utility Providers (HBS 9-801-309)
• BP: Adobe Systems Incorporated (HBR 9-801-199)
• BP: The Art of Standard Wars, Shapiro and Varian, California Management Review, Vol. 41 (2) Winter 1999.
• BP CASE: Research in Motion

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10 • Product Launch Organization
• Product Launch Plan Strategies and   Tactics
• TPI: Chapter Five, The Power of Context (Part Two): The Magic Number One Hundred and Fifty
• TPI: Chapter Eight, Conclusion: Focus, Test, and Believe
• OPTIONAL - TPI: Chapter Four, The Power of Context (Part One): Bernie Goetz and the Rise and Fall of New York City Crime
- TPI: Chapter Six, Case Study: Rumors, Sneakers, and the Power of Translation
- TPI: Chapter Seven, Case Study: Suicide, Smoking, and the Search for the Unsticky Cigarette
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