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What can EOS do for you and who are we?


EOS receives a variety of service requests that range from the mundane to the eclectic. We have been asked for everything from additional paper products in the rest rooms to moving a slab of tree trunk across campus and installing it in a lab. There are several ways you can submit your service request. The preferred methods are to submit them electronically via our online service request form, located on the web at, or by emailing You may also call 215-898-5598 (8-5598 from campus phones) if you have an emergency that requires immediate attention. However, if your request is not an emergency, please use either the online form or email. Such service requests may include, but are not necessarily limited to, repair requests, housekeeping, requests for installation of new fixtures or utilities, estimate requests, moving and rigging services, equipment loans, and special event set ups.

Repair Requests

When a part of the building breaks, submit a service request to have it repaired. Please provide as much information as possible regarding the location, a description of the problem and your contact information. When something belonging to your department, office, or lab breaks, you may need to provide a budget code along with your repair request. If one is required and you do not provide one, we will contact you.

Housekeeping Requests

All areas of the SEAS complex should be cleaned once per day, 5 days per week. The majority of routine housekeeping is performed at night between the hours of 11pm and 7am. If routine housekeeping has not been performed, please send a service request to EOS and we will make sure someone from the housekeeping staff is alerted and responds. If you are requesting additional work, outside the realm of routine housekeeping, you will be required to submit a budget code to pay for those additional services.

Special Event Set Up Services

We have a limited number of tables, chairs and easels for SEAS special event usage in the SEAS complex.  We do not loan equipment for use in buildings outside of SEAS or for events that are not sponsored by a SEAS department or organization.  However, we will help you find the appropriate party through whom you can submit such requests. 

Please submit your special event set up request as early as possible.  We have a limited number of tables and chairs and they are assigned to special events on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you submit a request the day before or the day of your event, the equipment that best meets your needs may not be available. Additionally, when reserving space in SEAS, please request an additional 30 minutes before, and after, your event to allow enough time for us to provide basic services.  The more elaborate your event, the more set up and break down time may be required. 

If your event will serve food, please request housekeeping services to clean up after your event.  If you would like additional housekeeping services, please specify that in your request. 

If you have questions or would like additional assistance planning your special event, please contact us at: and cc: