Engineers and Wicket Takers

Saksham Karwal, a Penn Engineering undergraduate in Systems Science and Engineering and president of the Penn Cricket Club, says "We have made history."

Going into the American College Cricket Championship held in Ft. Lauderdale, the Penn Cricket team was ranked 25th of 32 teams. After an impressive performance during the March 15-20 event, the team is now ranked third across the U.S. and Canada. 

Nine out of the 12 members who traveled to Florida this March are Penn Engineering students and alums. Two Engineering alumni players, Rahul Bourothu, who earned a master's degree in 2009, and Gavish Sharma, a 2008 master's graduate, both had games with at least 50 runs apiece.

"All 12 of the members had an unceasing, never-say-die attitude," says Karwal. "The hunger for winning was so strong that we could go out and beat the best of teams, may they be stronger than us on paper."

Members of the team include: Saksham Karwal (ENG/C'11), Mayurnath Sankar Rao (MSE'11), Roshan Rai (ENG'12), Gavish Sharma (MSE'08), Rahul Bourothu (MSE'09), Varun Madan (W'11), Anubhav Sharma (MSE'12), Bhavik Shah (MSE'12), Rushabh Shah (MSE'12), Jay Dave (C'13), Dhruv Toshniwal (W'13) and Subash Poudel (ENG '14).

Cricket was the first organized team sport played at Penn, begun with the Penn Cricket Club's founding in 1842.

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