Fuel Cells: Materials, Challenges and Breakthroughs

Energy SymposiumFaculty, students and staff interested in energy technologies are encouraged to attend “Fuel Cells: Materials, Challenges and Breakthroughs” on Saturday, September 26.  This interdisciplinary symposium, presented by Penn’s Energy Research Group, is a unique opportunity to hear lectures by leading experts in fuel cell technologies.

Fuel cells are a potential alternative to some of our current energy technologies, and may play a future role in energy reduction and efficiency. Presenters from industry and academia will speak on such topics as fuel cell membranes, electrodes, the various fuels available, degradation of fuel cells, and the future of the technology. Potential for current and future applications of fuel cells are found in transportation, portable electronics, military use, and green initiatives such as biofuels.

The Energy Research group at Penn is a group of researchers from across the University and partner institutions who have recognized that research on energy-related issues will become crucial in the coming years.  Increased competition from developing nations for the world's dwindling energy supplies and the growing recognition that our current energy usage is unsustainable is affecting the world's climate. Research conducted by the members of this group works to find new alternative energies and make more efficient use of the energy sources currently in use.

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