"The Game from Where I Stand"

Doug Glanville, Penn Engineering alum and Overseer, ESPN analyst and former Philadelphia Phillie, will be on campus to sign his book “The Game from Where I Stand,” an insider's revealing look at the hidden world of major league baseball.

In his book, Glanville (SE’92) shows how players prepare for games, deal with race and family issues, cope with streaks and slumps, respond to trades and injuries, and learn the joyful and painful lessons the game imparts. Readers see the flashpoints that cause misunderstandings and friction between players, and the imaginative ways they work to find common ground. And Glanville tells with insight and humor what he learned from Jimmy Rollins, Alex Rodriguez, Randy Johnson, Barry Bonds, Curt Schilling, and other legendary and controversial stars.

In his professional career, Glanville experienced every aspect of being a player—the first-round pick, the prospect, the disappointment, the can't-miss, the cornerstone, the veteran, the traded, the injured, the comeback kid. His eye-opening book gives fans a new level of understanding of day-to-day life in the big leagues.

The book signing coincides with the University of Pennsylvania’s family weekend and will take place at 4:00 pm on Friday, October 15 at the upper level of the Penn Bookstore.

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