‘Pie Your Professor’ Raises $1050 for Haiti Relief

PYPStudents gathered in the Towne Building on February 19 to pay a special kind of tribute to those who shape their academic careers.  The fourth-annual ‘Pie Your Professor’ event celebrated the lighter side of the student-faculty relationship as volunteers sat to be ‘pied’ for charity.

Students lined up to pay $1 per pie and have a chance to douse faculty from each department in whipped cream.  The volunteers were swathed in ponchos and surrounded by plastic that was draped to protect the marble walls of the Towne Building from the mayhem.

In true engineering fashion, there is a scientific method used to develop the perfect, throwable pie. “We found that ReddiWip does not provide enough weight for a successful pie toss,” said Kumar Chatterjee, ESAC President. “Cool Whip, on the other hand, is too expensive to use alone.  So we found that using a pie with a core of Cool Whip surrounded by an exterior of ReddiWip provides the necessary weight while still providing the visual appearance of a pie.  Plus, it is the most cost-effective combination.”

“Pie Your Professor is the culminating event for National E-Week, a week of activities celebrating engineers and the field of engineering,” said Dara Wathanapaisal, Assistant Director for Student Life and Special Programs at Penn Engineering.  After the event, students chose to donate the $1050 in proceeds to Partners in Health to benefit the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

The National Engineers Week foundation strives to celebrate engineering and cultivate interest in future engineers.  Learn more about E-Week at www.eweek.org.

Partners in Health is a non-profit organization dedicated to gaining access to healthcare in disadvantaged communities around the world.  Learn more about this organization at www.pih.org.

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