Vukan Vuchic Receives APTA's Lifetime of Academic Distinction Award

Vukan R. Vuchic, UPS Foundation professor emeritus of Transportation Engineering in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering, has been awarded the first Lifetime of Academic Distinction Award by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) at its Annual Meeting in Houston. This award is a special one-time honor given to a university professor who has had tremendous influence on the urban public transportation industry.

During his 54-year career in transportation systems engineering and city planning, Dr. Vuchic introduced many new concepts and processes in urban and particularly public transit systems planning and operations, lifting them from practice into an applied science. He has worked on bridging the gap between academics working on theoretical models and public transit operators. Dr. Vuchic’s initial focus on public transit systems and highway traffic engineering has broadened to the role of intermodal transportation in creating livable cities, formulation of transport policies and planning of high-speed rail systems.

Results of his research have been published in about 130 publications, 33 technical reports, and five books. His “Transit Trilogy” books, which cover all aspects of public transit and urban transportation, have been translated into Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Serbian, and Turkish. He has lectured at over 100 universities and worked as a consultant to mayors and transit agencies in New York, Washington, San Francisco Bay Area, Naples, Istanbul and Moscow.

Dr. Vuchic’s contributions to transit and livable cities have been greatly enhanced by dozens of alumni. Penn’s Transportation Systems Engineering Alumni Club (TSEAC) has members who are university professors, presidents of consulting firms, engineers in transit agencies and departments of transportation in different states as well as abroad.