HACKfest2013 is here!

On Friday, September 6, more than a thousand students from about 100 universities will descend upon the University of Pennsylvania campus to take part in HACKfest, a series of student-run, weekend-long software and hardware design competitions with cash prizes on the line.

At the heart of the immersive experience of a hackathon is the idea that the most instructive experience with coding can take place outside the walls of a classroom. In addition to the competition, there will be events aimed at non-engineers who want to break into the burgeoning field.

PennApps: September 6-8


PennHacks: September 13-15

PennApps is the first of the contests making up HACKfest. Founded four years ago, it is now the largest student-run hackathon in the world. Of the more than 1,600 applicants from the top computer science programs around the globe, one thousand were selected to compete. Students have from Friday evening to Sunday morning to develop a new web or mobile application.


PennHacks will run its second-ever event the weekend following PenApps. PennHacks features teams of students who engage in coding, soldering, wiring, sensing, actuating and creating over an intense, two-day period. PennHacks will provide the 100 contestants, all Penn students, with the hardware they need to complete and test their projects.

Visit the PennApps website >>   Visit the PennHacks website >>

Both contests have backing from major technology and venture capital companies. In addition to furnishing some of the prizes, representatives of these firms will attend the events, providing both technical insights and networking opportunities for the contestants.