Sona Dadhania Receives 2016 Science Ambassador Scholarship

Sona Dadhania, freshman in Materials Science and Engineering, has received the 2016 Science Ambassador Scholarship. As the inauguaral recipient, Sona will be awarded with a full scholarship from Cards Against Humanity.

The scholarship was created by Cards Against Humanity to raise the visibility of women in science. An advisory board of over sixty women, who are science professionals, selected Sona as the winner from more than 1000 applicants.

"Having taught Sona in my Chem 101 for Engineers class I know first-hand her unquenchable thirst and enthusiasm for learning," said Peter Davies, Class of 1942 Term Professor and Chair in Materials Science and Engineering. "This is a fantastic honor for Sona, for our department and for our school."

As the winner, Sona will also create videos focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education, which will be hosted on Cards Against Humanity's YouTube channel.  

"[Winning the scholarship] means the world to me," Sona said. " Firstly, it's a thank you to my parents, who have always supported me no matter what; Secondly, I get to pass on the inspiration, passion, and support that was given to me as a child to other kids. I've been fortunate enough to have had many science teachers and mentors in my life who have inspired a love for science and engineering within me. I hope that as Science Ambassador, I can spark a passion for science in other children in the same way that my mentors have."

Watch live video of Sona receiving the news from Cards Against Humanity below: