Aravind Joshi and Mitchell Marcus Named ACL Fellows

Aravind Joshi, Henry Salvatori Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science, and Mitchell Marcus, RCA Professor of Artificial Intelligence, have been named Fellows by the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL). Both are faculty in the Department of Computer and Information Science.

Aravind JoshiJoshi was cited for “significant contributions to the mathematics of natural language and for the development of TAGs (tree-adjoining grammars).” His research focuses on questions at the intersection of computer science and linguistics. Employing his expertise in computational, mathematical, and formal linguistics, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence, Joshi studies theories of representation and inferencing in natural language, computational aspects of discourse, psycholinguistic implications of processing models as well as processing certain kinds of bilingual utterances. He is also involved in the design and implementation of a variety of systems for natural language processing. Mitchell Marcus

Marcus was cited for “significant contributions to deterministic parsing and The Penn Treebank.” He works at the intersection of linguistics and computer science, leveraging the understanding of the structure of language to develop new technologies which will automatically extract increasingly rich information from texts in languages in such languages as English, Arabic, and Chinese. He and his collaborators have developed statistical and symbolic methods for automatic acquisition of linguistic structure, and methodologies for annotation of linguistic structure in large text corpora. Specifically, Marcus and his group are working on corpora which are hand-annotated with linguistic structure for use world-wide as training materials for new machine learning algorithms.

The Association for Computational Linguistics is an international scientific and professional society for people working on problems involving natural language and computation. To be named a Fellow, a candidate must have been a major force in computational linguistics.

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