Chris Chen Named AIMBE Fellow

November 20, 2009

Chris ChenPHILADELPHIA –- Christopher Chen has been named a fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE), the leading advocacy group for medical and biological engineering, comprised of the field’s 1,000 top practitioners in academia, industry and government. Founded in 1991, AIMBE has earned a reputation as a prestigious public policy leader, regarded by key legislators as the field’s preeiminent voice. The nearly 1,000 members of AIMBE's College of Fellows work daily throughout the technical and management spheres of medicine, academia, industry and government - leading the way in technological advancement, advocating for public policies that facilitate further progress and preparing young scientists and engineers to build on that progress in the decades to come.

Chris' research interests include the application of microfabrication and nanotechnology to cell and tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine. His lab has developed approaches to control the nanoscale adhesive interactions between cells and their surrounding scaffolds, and uses them to control cell function. Chris is particularly engaged in understanding how to engineer stem cell function and tissue vascularization, and the relationship between tissue architecture and tissue function. To learn more about Chris and his research, visit his faculty profile.

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