Karen Winey Receives National Science Foundation Creativity Award

September 19, 2008

Karen Winey’s pioneering work in ion-containing polymers has been recognized through her receipt of the National Science Foundation Creativity Award. The award is aimed toward offering “the most creative investigators an extended opportunity to attack adventurous, 'high-risk' opportunities." Winey will use the funds to investigate the behavior of ion-containing polymers at elevated temperatures, in high humidity environments and under applied electric fields using newly designed in situ experiments. These systems have potential applications in low-temperature fuel cells and actuators.

Finding the Nanoscale Morphology in Ion-Containing Polymers

N. M. Benetatos, C. D. Chan, K. I. Winey*, Macromolecules, 40, 1081-1088, 2007. “Quantitative morphology study of Cu-neutralized poly(styrene-ran-methacrylic acid) ionomers:  STEM imaging, X-ray scattering, and real space structural modeling.”