Jason Merrin Receives CWA Creative Concept Award

Jason Merrin, DMD’13, is the recipient of the Creative Concept Award in the Creative World Awards (CWA) International Screenwriting Contest for his film, Sleepwalkers. To receive the award, his script advanced through five rounds of judging by industry professionals. The creative concept award goes to the script with the "most original and compelling concept of the year" and comes with a prize that includes a private development coaching session with Dr. Jack Boozer, Professor of Film Studies in the Department of Communication at Georgia State University.

CWA is an international screenwriting contest and is considered one of top three screenwriting contests as voted by MovieBytes. CWA has built relationship with some of the industry's most powerful companies. The top three finalists in each category were read by leading industry executives, not only for potential development consideration, but also to help determine the winners of the 2011 Creative World Awards. CWA winning screenplays are circulated to top agencies, film studios, managers, producers, and international financiers looking for their next project.