Students Receive 1st Prize in Honeywell Users Group Wireless Student Competition

Real-Time and Embedded Systems Laboratory members Miroslav Pajic, Srinivas Vemuri, Mansimar Aneja and Harsh Jain have received first prize in the 2011 Honeywell Users Group Wireless Student Competition for their project entitled "Distributed Wireless Controller Grids for Robust Sensor/Controller/Actuator Networks." Pajic is a doctoral student in Electrical and Systems Engineering, Vemuri and Jain are students in the Electrical Engineering master's program, and Aneja is a student in the Robotics master's program.

The group set out to address the urgent and growing need for the use of wireless networks in industrial automation systems such as oil refineries, natural gas processing plants and energy generation sites. Wireless networks reduce the cost to setup and allow for easy expansion of such plants, however, wireless technology is prone to a host of reliability issues and is currently only used for open-loop monitoring. In this project, the student team, led by Rahul Mangharam, Stephen J. Angello Term Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering (ESE), pushed the frontiers of wireless network architectures for closed-loop control and actuation and developed two new approaches to Distributed Wireless Control for Plug-n-Play in Industrial Automation Systems.

Competition participants were asked to create a plan for innovative wireless control in an industrial plant of the future, using their understanding of today's applications and instrumentation. The wireless solution had to address critical productivity, efficiency, energy management, regulatory, or other business / control issues, and students had to demonstrate creativity, innovation, and detail the benefits derived from their solution.

Watch Harsh Jain and Miroslav Pajic in a video interview or visit the Real-Time and Embedded Systems Laboratory website.