Lauren Shapiro Receives Apple iOS Women in Technology Scholarship

Lauren Shapiro, a junior in Penn Engineering's Digital Media Design (DMD) program, is a recipient of the prestigious Apple iOS Women in Technology Scholarship.

The scholarship is comprised of an award of $10,000 and an internship with the Apple iOS Engineering team, which has the responsibility of taking the iPhone and iPad and and continually making both devices better. This is where future generations of the software and user interface are born, which makes it one of Apple's most inspiring and demanding teams.

The DMD program was created to educate a new generation of people to work in computer graphics; people who, through a combined education in both disciplines, could collaborate effectively with technologists and artists. In addition, through communications courses, DMD students delve into what the audience of these future collaborations might perceive and the resulting impact upon society,science practice, applications to other disciplines, and research.

Learn more about DMD by visiting the program website.