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Here at the PENN Regional Nanotech we have a sophisticated scanning probe laboratory centered upon two scanning probe microscopes (SPMs). The first, the DI Dimension 3000, is a versatile instrument adaptable to a wide variety of sample sizes and shapes. The second, the Digital Instruments Multiprobe, is the highest resolution, commercially available SPM. It is designed for atomic scale-resolution imaging. Our facility goes beyond the basics of topographic imaging to include techniques such as phase contrast imaging, magnetic force microscopy (MFM), and electrical force microscopy (EFM). Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania are leaders in the field of SPM and our innovations are leading to new developments in surface analysis and measurement of atomic-scale properties.


Nanoscale Characterization Facility
University of Pennsylvania / 3231 Walnut Street / Philadelphia PA 19104 / / 215.898.8718
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