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Instructions for Making Instrument Reservations in Calcium
1. Select the calendar corresponding to the instrument to be reserved from the list on the left side of this page.
Select ‘Login' from the right-hand menu below the calendar.  Enter your User Name and Password and click ‘Login’.
In the calendar view, click ‘Add/Edit’ on the lower left menu bar..
Click on the date for the reservation along the top of the Add Event window.
Enter your user name in the form of your truncated e-mail address (i.e. username@seas)
Use the pull-down menus to select the start time and end time. You may also choose a category for the reservation.
Click ‘Create Event’ to complete the reservation.
The software will not allow reservations to be made without completing all of the required fields.  Also, the software checks your reservation quota and your permission level on an instrument to determine if a reservation is allowed.



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