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Penn Parents Program

In addition to the main websites listed on this page, an excellent resource for parents is the Penn Parents Program. This program serves as a vital liaison between Penn and parents. Many resources are available to help you be engaged and informed about the Penn community.

The Penn Parents Program also maintains a great FAQ section for parents.

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Faculty Spotlight:

Jan Van der Spiegel

Nader Engheta
H. Nedwill Ramsey Professor
Electrical and System Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering

Nader Engheta is the winner of the 2007-08 Heilmeier award, based upon his pioneering contributions on nano-optics and related metamaterials. He and his group have been developing the concept of optical lumped nanocircuits based on material nanostructures, with the goal of opening the possibility of nanoelectronics with light. By combining advances in the use of metamaterials (materials that gain their properties from structure rather than composition) with the science of plasmonics (the study of optical and electrical properties of solid matter), Engheta has theorized a method to make real cloaking devices. This is done by embedding nanoparticles of metals like gold and silver into the surface of a composite host media, creating a displacement current around the surface of an object that is able to bend or absorb specific wavelengths of light, rendering the object invisible at that wavelength. Future applications of this technology include shielding objects from infrared and radar detection.

Information of Interest to Parents

Why Penn Engineering?

Penn Engineering is unlike any other school of engineering. And exactly what you would expect to find at an ivy league institution like Penn. At Penn Engineering, there are no boundaries as to what students can learn and accomplish. Read below to learn about some opportunities that make us unique and a great place to become an engineer.

Curriculum Deferred Option

Students do not have to know exactly what they want to do when they arrive here at Penn Engineering. In fact, many of our students elect to matriculate as Curriculum Deferred (CD). They can take classes like Engineering 101, which allows them to try out different areas of engineering until they find the right fit, and by the end of their freshman year they are ready to choose their own path. Here is more information.

Double Majoring

Students here are not confined to any one degree program. They are free to have a dual major within the school or across the university, incorporating a degree from an extensive list of programs in the Arts and Sciences or The Wharton School. Read more information on Dual Degrees and Special Programs.


Penn Engineering students have the option to begin an engineering graduate program while still completing their undergraduate program. While registered as an undergraduate, students may take (double‐count) up to three graduate courses to fulfill both undergraduate and graduate degree requirements. Click here for more information.

Where our Students End up After Graduation

Post Graduation Candidates



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