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Syllabus Instructors

Courses: Nanotechnology

The fast-growing fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology have significant and exciting future applications in life sciences, medicine, and engineering. The SAAST Nanotechnology course introduces students to those concepts necessary to understanding why very small systems exhibit unique behavior. Students will engage in hands-on activities in imaging and manipulating nanostructures, both 'top down' and 'bottom up' approaches to making nanostructures, and devices based on nanotechnology. Through lecture, lab, and group projects, the course will cover topics in nanomaterials, nanofabrication techniques, imaging nanostructures, real-life applications of nanotechnology, and nanoscience ethics. Assignments are designed to encourage creative, innovative, independent thinking skills, with a strong emphasis on significant group contribution and teamwork. On the final day of the program, students will present their research findings with friends, family, and faculty and invited guests in the audience.*

Eligible students should have coursework in high school Chemistry and Biology.

* Course description, syllabus, and instructional staff subject to change without prior notice.