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Syllabus Instructors

Courses: Robotics

The SAAST robotics program will introduce students to the state of the art in robotics, design, manufacturing, and automation. The course ties together engaging classroom discussions on a variety of topics including sensing, actuation, control, and embedded programming with a rigorous series of laboratory exercises and projects to give students hands-on experience with mechanical prototyping methods, electronic circuits, robotic systems, and much more.

Students will also explore current topics in robotics research and partner with robotics researchers who will serve as mentors for the duration of the course. The course will culminate in a group project in which students will design, fabricate, assemble, and program teams of small mobile robots to perform a series of tasks using a combination of autonomous actions and teleoperator control.

Eligible students should have prior coursework in Physics, Math (Precalculus is a plus but not a pre-requisite), and C programming or Autocad.

* Course description, syllabus, and instructional staff subject to change without prior notice.