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Frequently Asked Questions


Enrollment forms for SAAST will be posted here in April and due no later than May 29, 2015.


What is a PennKey?

Please visit the PennKey website for more information:

Or the PennKey FAQ:

Once you set up your PennKey, REMEMBER your PennKey (username) and password!!! It is easy to forget between setting it up at home and arriving on campus, and you don't want to waste any time getting the password reset once you get to campus.

How do I retrieve my PennKey? / What is a PennKey setup code?

Once we have received your deposit and commitment to enroll form, we will enter your contact information into the Penn system. You will receive a letter at the provided address with your unique set-up code and instructions for setting up your PennKey online. DO NOT share your set-up code with anyone. You may need to refer to this code again while at Penn, so make sure it is in a safe place.

International students will need to use the 9-digit admission ID provided by our office to complete this process, in lieu of a social security number.

For more information about setup codes:

If you have already received your set-up code, you can visit the following link to set up your PennKey:

You will be asked to choose a PennKey, which is a unique identifier that you will serve as your username to log into University services. Please note that this username will stick with you if you ever return to Penn as an undergrad, grad student, post doc, etc. – so give it a little thought before making your selection. You will also be asked to set up a secure password.

Technical problems setting up your PennKey?

Browse the Common PennKey Registration and Usage Problems page to troubleshoot your issue:
If you are still having issues, please contact pennkey@isc.upenn.edu.

What can I do if I forget/lose my PennKey and password?

If you have lost or forgotten your PennKey and password please see PennKey FAQ (http://www.upenn.edu/computing/pennkey/help/faq.html) for instructions on how to get them reset.


Getting to Penn from the Airport and Amtrak Station

I'm arriving in Philadelphia via the airport or Amtrak 30th St. Station.
Can you help me get to campus from there?

Yes! We will provide transport to campus all students who arrive by air at Philadelphia International Airport, or by rail at 30th Street Station. Students must fly into PHL; we cannot arrange for pickup of students arriving to any other cities (such as New York).


If you are an international applicant, consult the US Embassy or Consulate in your country to learn whether a visa is required to attend the program. SAAST is only able to issue application forms for F-1 Visa status. To apply for a F-1 Visa, click here to get an overview.  Penn's Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) will issue you an I-20.

Once accepted into the program, international students will receive additional information about applying for a visa. The process can be lengthy, and we recommend beginning immediately to ensure your visa is processed in time for the start of the program.


I haven't received the automatically-generated email with information about logging into the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS).

Did you already receive an email from SAAST regarding your admissions ID? If so, you should have received an email from ISSS the following business day. Do you have a spam-blocker set up? If so, please add isss@pobox.upenn.edu to your list of accepted addresses and contact us to resend the information.


Once I have completed the course, how can I find out my grade?

While your PennKey is still active, you can view grades and unofficial transcript through PennInTouch. Grades are usually available about two weeks after the course ends.

How can I request an official transcript showing my SAAST course?

While your PennKey is still active, you may order official transcripts online through PennInTouch for a fee (login to PIT; on the left-hand side, click Academic Records, then beneath it click Order Transcripts).

Once your PennKey has become inactive, you will need to request official transcripts through the Registrar's Office and completing the Transcript Request Form (available through the Registrar):


If you have additional questions about ordering transcripts, please visit http://www.upenn.edu/registrar/contact.html or contact the Registrar's office directly at 215-898-6636.

Why can't I access my transcript through Penn In Touch?

As a former student attending a summer program at Penn, your PennKey is no longer active and cannot be reset.

My PennKey has expired, I submitted the transcript request form to the Registrar, and I still can't access my transcript. What might be wrong?

If you have an outstanding balance on your account, your transcript will be placed on hold until the balance is paid in full. Contact us at saast@seas.upenn.edu.

I'm an alum of SAAST, and now I'm enrolled in college. How can I arrange for transfer credit?

You should follow your college's procedure for applying for transfer credit, which usually involves submitting a transcript and a syllabus for the course.  You can download the course syllabus by clicking on your respective course here.

I'm trying to get credit from my University for SAAST. How can I get a copy of the syllabus of the course?

You can download the course syllabus by clicking on your respective course here.  If it is not available, please contact saast@seas.upenn.edu with your name, the year you attended SAAST, the course, and the primary instructor.

I participated in SAAST last summer and would like to order a photo. How can I do that?

You can review the SAAST archives < here >.
Contact our photographer, Stuart Watson, at http://www.stuartawatson.com/

I loved SAAST – how do I keep in touch with the program and my classmates?
How do I update my contact information on file with the program?

There are a few ways you can keep in touch. First, join the Facebook group and follow us on Twitter. Make sure your contact information on record is accurate and up-to-date.  Send us your updated information by going to the SAAST Connect page and submit your updated information.  It will be published in our annual SAAST Alumni Newsletter. Please contact us anytime if you'd like to contribute: saast@seas.upenn.edu. We're always happy to hear from our alumni!