Staff Recognition Award
Past Recipients

Charity Payne - 2016-2017

Desirae Cesar and Lilian Wu - 2015-2016

Tonya Revell - 2013-2014

Doug Yates - 2012-2013

Cheryl Hickey - 2011-2012

Olivia Brubaker - 2010-2011

Steve Szewczyk - 2009-2010

Mark West - 2008-2009

Susan Waddington-Pilder - 2007-2008

Megan Doherty - 2006-2007

Marge Addario - 2005-2006

William J. Romanow - 2004-2005

Albert Giandomenico - 2002-2003

Maryeileen Banford - 2001-2002

Terry Kientz - 2000

Catherine Lawrence -1999

Jackie Caliman and Andy Perch - 1998

Patricia Overend - 1997

Monica Pallanti - Fall 1996

Julie McNamara - Spring 1996

Mike Felker - Fall 1995

Rick Ferraiolo - Spring 1995

John Linscheid - Fall 1994

Bob Miller - Spring 1994

Delores Magobet - Fall 1993

Lucille Migatz - Spring 1993

Dru Spanner - Fall 1992

Donna Hampton - Spring 1992 (co-winner)

Jim Makoulian - Spring 1992 (co-winner)

Gail Schwarz - Fall 1991

Mary Carver - Spring 1991

Frank Brown - Fall 1990

Denice Gorte - Spring 1990

Sharon (Sherry) Ferraiolo - Fall 1989 (first recipient)

Staff Awards

University Service Awards

The University of Pennsylvania Service Recognition Program recognizes and shows appreciation for long-term full and part-time employment with the University of Pennsylvania. Faculty or staff with ten or more years of service are recognized at five year service milestones. This year's recipients, pictured with Dean Vijay Kumar, are:

 10 years of Service
Staci L. Kaplan, Electrical and Systems Engineering   Susan Waddington-Pilder, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

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 15 years of Service

Rita M. Powell, Computer and Information Science


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Not Pictured:

Jane Rinehart-Greaser, Development and External Partnerships

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20 Years of Service    
Jeanne Marks, Bioengineering   Eric D. Johnston, Electrical and Systems Engineering

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Not Pictured:

Dawn Norris, Towne Business Office

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25 Years of service    



Abigail Whittington, Office of Academic Programs    
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Not Pictured:

Lillian E. Thomas, Towne Business Office

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30 Years of service    

Not Pictured:

Amy Calhoun, Office of Academic Programs
Patricia Overend, Materials Science and Engineering

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35 Years of service    

Not Pictured:

William J. Burns, Towne Business Office
Denice Gorte, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Donna Hampton, Penn Engineering Multicultural Programs
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40 Years of service    

Not Pictured:

Richard Ferraiolo, Towne Business Office

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