Faculty and Staff Resources

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 Academic Services    aDMINISTRATION

Penn Academic Calendar
Teaching Support Services for Faculty
Engineering Faculty Teaching Forum
Order Books
Courses InTouch (Class List, Course Problem Notices, Online Grading, pictures, email, mailing list)
Academic Integrity Guidelines
Policy on Secular & Religious Holidays
Penn Course Review Site
Sciences and Engineering Library
Request a Document (Library)
Course Search & Schedule Planning Tool
External Course Approval Tool (XCAT)
SEAS Graduate Admissions System


Faculty and Academic Administrators Handbook
Faculty Affairs
The Pennbook (university resources, policies and procedures)
Penn Engineering Calendar
Faculty By-laws (SEAS)
Faculty Personnel Procedures (SEAS)
Faculty Committee Assignments (SEAS)
Teaching Load Guidelines
Penn Forum for Women Faculty
Resources for Women
Mentoring Guidelines [PDF]
Room Reservation System (SEAS)
Penn's Sexual Harassment Policy
Financial Interest Disclosure Electronic System (FIDES)


Advisor InTouch (student transcripts, course planning guides)
IRQDB (course/ student reports)
Undergraduate Student Handbook
Graduate Student Handbook
Student Counseling or Mentors: contact RAS
Course Search & Schedule Planning Tool
External Course Approval Tool (XCAT)


Travel & Expense Report Forms
Undergraduate Forms
Graduate Student Forms

 Just for staff    nEWS

New Staff Orientation
Staff Policy Manual
Performance and Staff Development Program (Appraisal Forms)
Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Programs
Penn: Risk Management & Insurance - Worker's Compensation
Principles of Responsible Conduct
Professional Development & Training
Lynda Online Trainings
Technology Training Services
Penn Professional Staff Assembly (PPSA)
College of Liberal and Professional Studies (LPS)
Staff Recognition Awards


University of Pennsylvania Almanac
The Daily Pennsylvanian
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Penn's Office of University Communications

 mAPS & dIRECTORIES    Penn Human Resources

University Maps
SEAS Complex Map
Faculty Expertise Directory
Penn Phone & Email directory
Additional Directories at Penn
Building Finder
Classroom Finder


Penn HR Web Site
U@Penn (individual info about your employment)
Maternity-Related Policies (pdf)
Healthcare Benefits
Faculty Search Administration Site
New Applicant Staff PeopleAdmin Site
Hiring Officer Resources

 Important offices    TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT

Research and Academic Services, 215-898-7246
Building Operations, 215-898-5598
CETS, 215-898-4707
Dean's Office, 215-898-7244
Moore Business Office, 215 898-8113
Towne Business Office, 215-898-7106
Public Safety, 215-573-3333
Telecommunications, 215-746-6000
Transportation, 215-898-RIDE (7433)
Travel Services & Procurement Cards


CETS, 215-898-4707
Computer Services for Faculty
Data Management
IKON Copy Center, 215-898-8115 or 215-898-7983


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