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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Subject: NIH Stimulus - What it means to you

Linked here are the slides that School of Medicine presented for the most up-to-date NIH stimulus information (Dave Meaney represented SEAS in the meeting). There are three main messages that Dave and I would like to convey:

1. If you have an NIH RO1 type grant, keep a careful eye on your institute's policy on awarding supplements.  If you know your program officer, I would suggest emailing him/her to get the most recent information.  There may be a mechanism to significantly augment current awards with supplement $ for equipment and/or personnel.

2.  There will be significant new funding opportunities coming very quickly, many with short timelines for submission.  SOM developed a website which has a link for all RFAs coming out from the stimulus package.  The website address:   This is a tremendous opportunity for trying out some novel ideas (see the NIH Challenge grant description in slides).  If you have a proposal from a pilot grant program, it may be easy to turn this around and submit it to some of these RFAs.

3.  For those having proposals in the pipeline (NIH speak: approved but unfunded), the NIH may reach back and fund proposals for 2 years which did not make the original payline. Again, a call to your respective program officer would be wise.

Finally, there is substantial stimulus money invested in the NCRR for new construction.  Construction project taking advantage of interschool initiatives are encouraged, as the multidiscplinary nature of projects will be considered by the NIH in awarding funds.   If you have other ideas, please share them with your Department Chair or George Pappas.

We are still waiting for the communication strategy from NSF.  NSF has a National Science Board which convened this week (NIH does not, hence they are faster).  We should expect something from NSF early next week. 

SEAS relevant stimulus information will be continuously posted at

George J. Pappas
Joseph Moore Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering
Deputy Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Pennsylvania

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