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For a description of the projects, see the SUNFEST website or click here. Please select three projects of your choice, in order of priority, using the following drop down lists:

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The SUNFEST program seeks to draw students from diverse backgrounds. The information requested below will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts to recruit and select a diverse group of students. The information is confidential and voluntary.
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If reference letters are sent by regular mail, send them to the address shown at the bottom of this form.
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Letters of recommendation can be emailed to or mailed in a sealed envelope. If emailed as an attachment, the file name and email subject line should be in the following format:

  • fullName_recommendersName" - e.g. "smith_keven_Wang.pdf"
  • mention in the subject line: "SUNFEST Recommendation for Your_LastName"
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  • Fields should have the category and applicant's full name at the beginning of the document being uploaded (i.e. "Essay of John Smith").

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1. Resume  
2. One-page Essay.  
Describe your educational and career plans, and any specific areas of research in which you are interested. Be sure to include why you wish to participate in the SUNFEST REU program and how that fits in with your future plans. (Word max 250) Include your full name on your essay!
3. Transcript  
You can attach a copy of your transcript or email it to It does not have to be an official transcript. However, if you are accepted to the program, you will need to send us an Official Transcript to the mailing address below.
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Mailing address:
Prof. J. Van der Spiegel
University of Pennsylvania
Dept. of Electrical and Systems Engineering
200 S. 33rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6314